Botox could be ‘gamechanger’ for Erectile dysfunction

A new Canadian study shows Botox could be a game changer in Erectile dysfunction. Botox could be ‘game changer’ for erectile dysfunction, Canadian urologists say Sharon Kirkey | February 24, 2017 10:30 AM ET More from Sharon Kirkey | @sharon_kirkey Handout“The advantage of this would be that you inject it once, it lasts for six

Research project for Pain Control in Cancer survivors

The study “Immersive Media as an Adjunctive Measure for Pain Control in Cancer Survivors” aims to determine if Virtual Reality (VR) therapy is effective as an adjunctive intervention in the management of chronic pain in cancer survivors. The work will inform future research into the potential uses of VR in the treatment of cancer associated

Cops and loggers among higher risk occupations for prostate cancer: study

Policing and logging may be some of the highest-risk careers for prostate cancer, according to new research that also found a higher risk of aggressive tumours in bus and truck drivers — possibly because of the “whole body vibration” phenomenon. The study, which involved nearly 2,000 men in Montreal’s French-speaking hospitals is one of the

The balder the man, the more likely he will get prostate cancer: How hair loss can predict risk, according to study

As if male-pattern baldness were not already a curse for self-conscious men everywhere, a Canadian research team is suggesting it could also strongly predict the risk of getting prostate cancer, and more serious cases of the disease. The University of Toronto scientists even argue the extent of someone’s hair loss might help doctors decide whether