Dear Nanaimo Supporter

I attended the Prostate Cancer Support Group Conference recently held in Vancouver held May 3-5, and came back filled with enthusiasm to help the Nanaimo Support Group grow and flourish. Malcolm Reville has been running the Nanaimo group by himself for the last several years and was looking for help, so I have accepted his invitation to co-chair the group with him. I am a Prostate Cancer survivor, not just from the Cancer but from the treatment that has included first watchful waiting, then a Radical Prostatectomy, a Male Sling procedure for incontinence, 3 months of hormone therapy and finally (I hope this is the last) 6 weeks of Radiation in Victoria. I have lived in Nanaimo for 3 ½ years.

As you know, the group meets at 7:00PM on the second Tuesday of every month at the Canadian Cancer Society office at 777 Poplar St. in Nanaimo, just north of the Terminal Mall on Terminal Avenue. We have a large contact list, but unfortunately the turnout has not always been particularly good considering the size of the community. If you haven’t been a regular attender, please consider that the Nanaimo Group serves two main purposes:

1) The group provides a safe place for those newly diagnosed to discuss the different treatment options offered to them, and learn firsthand what it is like to experience treatment with these options. Although the group cannot recommend any particular course of treatment, they can help the newly diagnosed navigate through the BC medical system, and help them make a completely informed decision after reviewing all their options. Talking with others who have gone through Prostate Cancer treatment can also help reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from learning that you have cancer. Alternatively, if you have been through a treatment, the newly diagnosed would like to learn from your experience.

2) The group also provides ongoing support for those whose cancer is either in remission or still growing. Research has shown that diet, stress, sleep, and exercise can all have an effect on development of cancer, and the group helps men and their partners understand these factors and use them to their advantage. Presentations are made at the meetings either by guest speaker or video, to keep the group up to date on the rapid development of new treatments.

The discussions at the meetings are honest, open, and frank for those who want to participate ………or you can just listen. Wives / partners are welcome to attend.

If you would like to call me directly, my cell number is 250-816-2780 or you can email me at:


PCCN Nanaimo

Contact: Tony Orchard (Facilitator)
250 591-2780

When: The 2nd Tuesday of each month
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Nanaimo Cancer Society (Office 250-741-8180), 777 E. Poplar St. Nanaimo